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Before you can find a US college or university inside the US that you want to attend you need to know what type of degree you want to obtain: an Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral. Not every school will offer each of these degrees meaning before you can find a college or university you need to know what degree you need and add it to your list of items your dream school must include. Degrees typically have the following order:

This means, if you just graduated high school (or secondary school) the degree program that you must ensure the school of your choice offers is an Associate’s or Bachelor’s. There are a few exceptions to this, for example, if you’re pursuing a Bachelor’s degree you do not need to first separately pursue an Associate’s degree.

To help you understand the different degree programs available to you as an international student we are hosting a Hangout On Air May 20th at 11:30am EST. Special guests Matthew Peipert and Jamie Battjes from the Borough of Manhattan Community College will explain each degree level and answer your questions related to which degree you should pursue during your studies inside the US.

Sign up to join our US College Degrees Explained Hangout and get the information on US degree programs that you need.

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